16th international scientific conference
Society, Economy, Law, Technology and Humanity


We as individuals or as organizations must undertake every possible action in order to diminish the effects of poverty and social exclusion by the development of new skills, knowledge management, consumer and employees competences, the diminishing of weaknesses and poverty of the vulnerable groups throughout Europe. Therefore we must understand the challenges brought on by the crisis and of the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy and try to find the right answers in order to achieve the targets of the strategy in fields like:

  1. Economics and Management;
  2. Law and Administrative Sciences;
  3. Human and Social Sciences;
  4. Applied Sciences and Engineering.


The International Scientific Conference of 2016 has reached its 16th Edition. This year’s event is a continuation of the last year partnership developed between organization from France, Romania, Moldova and Germany. The partners of the 2016 Conference are: