16th international scientific conference
Society, Economy, Law, Technology and Humanity

selth 2016

Sibiu, Romania, November 18th – 19th, 2016

Present and future of the European Union in the context of change


conference description

This year’s conference centres on the idea that the European Union is at a crossroads in the context of the changes and challenges of the current and previous years. The European Union is largely viewed as a success story and as a cornerstone of European stability and prosperity.

Currently, however, the EU faces a range of political, economic and social pressures, including slow growth and persistently high unemployment in many EU countries, as well as social unrest across several EU countries. Such factors are complicating the EU’s ability to deal with a multitude of unprecedented internal and external challenges like the refugee crisis, the Greek financial crisis, the Brexit challenge, the Russia – Ukraine conflicts, the EU-USA trade agreement and other such events.

In order to discuss, assess and to make pertinent proposals we have established several tracks for the 2016 International Scientific Conference that can hopefully will offer several clear and applied answers:

1. Economics and Management;

2. Law and Administrative Sciences;

3. Human and Social Sciences;

4. Psychology and Education Sciences;

5. Applied Sciences and Engineering.


3rd Call for papers


The International Scientific Conference of 2016 has reached its 16th Edition. This year’s event is a continuation of the last year partnership developed between organization from France, Romania, Moldova and Germany. The partners of the 2016 Conference are: